Realize the Promise of IoT

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  • 2.1 Mwh

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    Location: Toronto
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    Define IoT in Your Own Terms

    Ingram Micro’s approach to IoT is built from the ground up to move beyond just connecting things. For Ingram Micro, IoT is a mean to an end and should be a focused on achieving business outcomes and not a technology discussion.
    Partnering with Ingram Micro means tapping onto our broad suite of capabilities and ecosystem without any of the legacy challenges. From process to operational improvement or cost reduction to revenue growth, Ingram Micro empowers you to define IoT in your own terms.

    IoT Technology Solution Pillars

    • Asset Health / Manufacturing
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    • Asset Location / Logistics
      Fleet Management, Asset Tracking, Temperature Monitoring
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    • Environment / Weather
      Precision farming, Asset Tracking
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    • Consumption
      Intelligent Building, Remote Property Monitoring, HVAC Monitoring, Data Center Monitoring
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    • Visual Surveillance
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